Title: The Big Book of Real Building & Wrecking MachinesThe Big Book of Real Building & Wrecking Machines
Author: George J. Zaffo
Pages: 33
Reading Level: Beginner
Star Rating: ★★★

In this oversized hardback, children are whizzed away to the wonderful world of machinery. Gobs of large machines – cranes, steam shovels, bulldozers, graders, concrete mixers, etc. – are driven across the pages, each being given two pages to hold a large illustration and a description of the machine’s function and how it is to be operated. The Big Book also doesn’t limit itself merely to big machines, but also mentions water pumps, jack hammers, power saws, etc.

Conclusion. Little boys will eat this stuff up. :) [Better than Big Work Machines.]


Review © 2015 Laura Verret

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