Title: Pearl HarborWorld at War - PEarl Harbor
Author: G. C. Skipper
Pages: 48
Recommended Ages: 8 & up
Star Rating: ★★★★

I’ve already reviewed several books about Pearl Harbor – The Attacks on Pearl Harbor, We Were There at Pearl Harbor, I Survived: The Bombing of Pearl Harbor, and Pearl Harbor – and since all of you should already be familiar with the events of that ‘day of infamy’, I won’t repeat them again here.

More than any of the above mentioned books, World at War: Pearl Harbor explains the political atmosphere that led up to Pearl Harbor – Japan’s decades-long invasion of surrounding nations and final full-out war effort. Also, whereas the above mentioned books were works of fiction based around the movements of a protagonist, WAW: Pearl Harbor is a book of history, which means that it is able to jump from front to front at will without bothering about why a protagonist would make his way there. The downside is that WAW: Pearl Harbor doesn’t convey as much drama, emotion, or immediacy.

Each page features original black and white photos or maps. One picture, on page 38, shows a young child who was hit by a car with the mother kneeling over it. None of the other pictures show personal violence.

Conclusion. A good, brief, brisk history.

Review © 2015 Laura Verret

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