Title: A Book of Nursery RiddlesA Book of Nursery Riddles
Compiler: Jane Johnson
Pages: 32
Recommended Ages: Everyone
Star Rating: ★★★★★

At the library sale where I bought this book, I wasn’t the only one running around with my head cut off. There were these other two ladies who were also going crazy stuffing their boxes with billions of books.

Mom always likes to encourage me before we go to a book sale by saying stuff like “Now, Laura, don’t panic, nobody else wants the books that you want.”

Those two ladies wanted the books I wanted.

We were very amicable – I’m not sure how, but we developed a sort of chummy attitude each congratulating each other over our finds. And then, after the ladies had finished going through their books deciding which to buy and which to put back (just like I do), they brought four books over to me that they thought I might like.


All of that to say that I bought A Book of Nursery Riddles courtesy of the kindness of two ladies whose names I don’t even know, and I think them for their generosity. :)

Also, I honestly don’t know what they were thinking deciding against this one. It’s wonderful. For every set of facing pages one contains a nursery riddle – the other holds a beautiful color illustration of an 1800s setting which contains the answer to the riddle if one looks properly. For example…

White bird featherless
Flew from Paradise,
Pitched on the castle wall;
Along came Lord Landless,
Took it up handless,
And rode away horseless
To the King’s white wall.

…seems mystifying until you look at the accompanying illustration which shows a snowfilled sky. Then the answer becomes apparent. :)

One illustration is of children dancing around a maypole and has (for some unfathomable reason) a tiny cherub-looking tot lying naked on the grass.

Conclusion. Apart from ^^that^^ a fantastic book.

Review © 2015 Laura Verret

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