Title: The Story of the Statue of LibertyThe Story of the Statue of Liberty
Author: Natalie Miller
Illustrator: Lucy & John Hawkinson
Pages: 32
Recommended Ages: 7 & up
Star Rating: ★★★★★

The Statue of Liberty has become a symbol of America – the liberties and freedoms she offers within her shores. But how did the Statue of Liberty come into existence?

One night in the late 1860s a sculptor named Auguste Bartholdi was at dinner with several of his artistic friends. Talk turned to freedom and the love of it which was shared by both the French and American people and how, if any monument were ever built to celebrate American independence it should be a collaborative work between the two countries. From that moment forward Bartholdi could think of little else.

At this point in tine, France became embroiled in a war with Prussia. Bartholdi put his plans on hold as he fought for his country, but afterward he set sail for America certain that there he would find the inspiration to create a monument to freedom. And he did.

However, planning for the monument required more than just deciding on its appearance. A location had to be found that could house such a vast amount of stone, permission gained to use it, and a foundation built. The statue itself had to be designed, then created on much smaller models to ascertain whether the proportions were agreeable. And finally, the great lady herself had to be built.

It was not until October 28, 1886 that the statue was unveiled before her people. But since that day she has acted as a beacon of light to all her travel to the land of the free.

Conclusion. Superb.

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