bookster,  n. – an individual who is engrossed with the collection and

consumption of books. 

What ho – The Blithering Bookster here! I’m so glad you chanced upon my site – and hope you’re IMG_9687
having a bloody brilliant time while you’re here.

This is where I’m supposed to introduce myself. So here goes – alternatively known as Laura Verret and Sir Percy Blakeney in personal circles, I’m fairly well summed up in the above definition – I’m a bookster, plain and simple. I get my biggest kicks in life delving through piles of books at thrift stores, book shops, and library sales and even though I’ve amassed a 5,200 book library, it seems like I just need more books. So I buy them. And read them. And review them. And buy some more. (not always in that order)

(in fact, mostly not in that order, because I’m almost always buying books)

Of course, I’m not just a bookster. Far from it, actually – I can also be found launching impromptu vocal concerts in the car, cracking terrible puns, scribbling limericks, snaffling pizza (and *ahem* kale smoothies *ahem*), wearing combat boots, playing tennis, collecting medieval weapons, pinning coffee quotes on Pinterest, and throwing things. (also, not always in that order) Oh, and misquoting Shakespeare soliloquies. I do that, too.

But enough about me – back to the site.

I created [The Blithering Bookster] back in 2013 with a duality (triality? plurality? muliticplicity?) of purpose. There was the obvious one – as an outlet for my bookster energies – but there were a few others, too. I wanted to test my own abilities in comprehending, interpreting, and rearticulating themes in literature. I wanted to create a place where other booksters could check in to get their literature fix. And I wanted to give parents a resource to use when devising literature courses for their children. All of those purposes combined = [The Blithering Bookster].

I hope you enjoy visiting with my books! Feel free to drop a comment or send me an email at if you have any additional questions, suggestions, or just want to chat books. :]

Tinkety Tonk!

– The Blithering Bookster

Note to parents: You’ll find that a lot of my reviews are of children’s books, but please remember that in my reviews of these books I include a list of all of the things that I think you may wish to know before giving the book to your children. This may include serious issues such as rough language, romance, violence, and other character issues. For this reason I advise you to use discretion when allowing your children to explore this site.