Hello, and welcome to [The Blithering Bookster]! If you read The Bookster’s personal bio then you already know that this site exists for a variety of reasons, but that there are two main ones:

  1. As a hangout where booksters can check in to get their literature fix, and…
  2. As a resource for parents to use when devising literature courses for their children.

To these ends I have published reviews of over 1,000 books on [The Blithering Bookster]. On the Blog page you’ll find all of the reviews arranged by the date I’ve published them, and this is a great place to go if you just want to browse. If you are looking for a review of a particular book, it may be easier to go to the Reviews pages where all of the reviews are listed alphabetically.

You’ll probably notice that I try to keep the same general format for all of my reviews – I begin with a short synopsis of The Story (if the book is fictional) or His/Her Life (if biographical), continue on with a Discussion of the book, and present a few final thoughts in the Conclusion. You’ll probably also notice that the style of that middle section – ‘Discussion‘ – varies. Here’s why – if I’m reviewing a serious work of fiction that contains meaty themes and significant interpretive value, then that section will read like literary analysis. However, if the book is a) a children’s book or b) a light adult read, then that section will usually just list issues I think that parents would want to know about the book before giving it to their child. Make sense?

★★★★  STAR RATINGS ★★★★

I rate each book on a scale of ★ to ★★★★★. Here is a nutshell-style explanation of what those ratings mean.

★★★★★      An amazing book that I would completely recommend.

★★★★          A really, really good book that I would highly recommend

★★★              Either a) a book that I liked but that had a lot of problems or b) a book that I only moderately liked but that didn’t have many problems.

★★                  Okay-ish to bad.

★                      DO NOT GO NEAR THIS BOOK


You’ll also notice that for some reviews I put a Recommended Age group, while on others I put a Reading Level. So, what’s the difference?

If you pay attention, you’ll notice that ‘Recommended Ages’ always occurs on books with 3 to 5 star ratings and ‘Reading Level’ on reviews with 1 to 3 stars. Basically, with one I’m making a recommendation; with the other a factual statement.

Of course, with both star ratings and recommended ages come nuances that can only be explained by the individual review, and I would recommend that you choose books based on the entire review, not just the star rating.

Now that you understand the site a little better, do toddle along and find yourself a nice new read!

– The Blithering Bookster

(As always, drop a comment somewhere or send an email to blitheringbookster@gmail.com if you’d like to chat books or have any part of a review clarified. Ta ta!)