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Here you find a list of all of the adult books that I’ve reviewed listed alphabetically. At the moment DETECTIVE FICTION is definitely the dominant genre, but I’m working on scraping together more classics and biographies. Each title is imbedded with a link which should take you straight to the review once you click on it. Now go get lost in my books. :)


A.B.C. Murders, The  ||  by Agatha Christie

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The   ||  by A. C. Doyle

After the Funeral   ||  by Agatha Christie

Alexander Graham Bell  ||  by Jennifer Groundwater

All Quiet on the Western Front  ||  by Erich Maria Remarque

Alone Yet Not Alone  ||  by Tracy Leininger Craven

An Apple a Day   ||  by Jo Petty

And on the Eighth Day   ||  by Ellery Queen

Authority   ||  by D. Martyn Lloyd Jones



Baker Street Puzzles  ||  by Tom Bullimore

Baker Street Whodunits   ||  by Tom Bullimore

Borden Chantry  ||  by Louis L’Amour

Big Red  ||  by Jim Kjelgaard

Black Coffee   ||  by Agatha Christie

Body in the Library, The   ||  by Agatha Christie

Book of Proverbs, The   ||  by Various

Breakfast with Bonhoeffer   ||  by Jon Walker

Breakheart Pass  ||  by Alistair MacLean

Breaking the Da Vinci Code   ||  by Darrell L. Bock

Broken Gun, The  ||  by Louis L’Amour

Buster’s Diaries  ||  by Roy Hattersley

By the Pricking of My Thumbs  ||  by Agatha Christie




Cards on the Table   ||  by Agatha Christie

Caribbean Mystery, A   ||  by Agatha Christie

Cat Among the Pigeons   ||  by Agatha Christie

Catlow  ||  by Louis L’Amour

Cat Who Blew the Whistle, The   ||  by Lilian Jackson Braun

Cat Who Had 14 Tales, The  ||  by Lilian Jackson Braun

Cavalcade of Poems  ||  edited by G. Bennett & P. Molloy

Celtic Vision, The   ||  by Esther de Waal

Charles Spurgeon  || by Kathy Triggs

Charters & Caldicott   ||  by Stell Bingham

Children at the Hearth   ||  by Barbara Swell

Chip of the Flying U  ||  by B. M. Bower

Christian Beliefs   ||  by Wayne Grudem

Christmas Tidings   ||  by Various

Classic Poems, The  ||  by Robert Burns

Clocks, The   ||  by Agatha Christie

Club of Queer Trades, The   ||  by G. K. Chesterton

Collected Nonsense & Light Verse  ||  by G. K. Chesterton

Collected Poems   ||  by Ruth Bell Graham

Collects of Thomas Cranmer, The   ||  by Thomas Cranmer

Conagher   ||  by Louis L’Amour

Crispin: The Cross of Lead  ||  Avi

Curtain   ||  by Agatha Christie




Daily Readings with St. Augustine   ||  by St. Augustine

Daughter of Time, The  ||  by Josephine Tey

David Brainerd’s Personal Testimony   ||  by David Brainerd

Death Comes as the End   ||  by Agatha Christie

Death Comes to Pemberley   ||  by P. D. James

Death in the Clouds    ||  Agatha Christie

Disney and the Bible   ||  by Perucci Ferraiuolo

Drummer Boy at Bull Run   ||  by Gilbert Morris



Eagle of the Ninth, The   ||  by Rosemary Sutcliff

Elements of Heraldry, The   ||  by Whitmore, William

Elephants Can Remember   ||  by Agatha Christie

Emilie’s Creative Home Organizer   ||  by Emily Barnes

Endless Night  ||  by Agatha Christie

Evil Under the Sun  ||  by Agatha Christie



Faith  ||  by Charles Spurgeon

Fatal Flaws  ||  by Hank Hanegraaf

Favorite Men Hymn Writers  ||  by J. Smith & B. Carlson

Favorite Poems of Emily Dickinson  ||  by Emily Dickinson

Ferguson Rifle, The   ||  by Louis L’Amour

Five Little Pigs   ||  by Agatha Christie

Five Red Herrings   ||  by Dorothy Sayers

Five Minute Mini-Mysteries   ||  by Stan Smith

From the Claws of the Dragon   ||  by Carroll Hunt




Game, Set and Murder  ||  by Elizabeth P. Flynn

Gathering of Poems, A  ||  compiled by Maxwell Nurnberg

George Washington, Spymaster  ||  by Thomas B. Allen

Getting a Handel on Messiah   ||  by David W. Barber

Goodbye, Mr. Chips  ||  James Hilton

Great Detective Stories   ||  by Various

Great Love Poems  ||  edited by Shane Weller

Great Stories of Suspense & Adventure   ||  by Various

Greatness of the Great Commission, The   ||  by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

Green God, The  ||  by L. Ron Hubbard

Guilt by Association   ||  by Michael Farris



Hallowe’en Night  ||  by Agatha Christie

Harriet Tubman  ||  Callie Smith Grant

Harriet Tubman  ||  Kem Knapp Sawyer

Heart of the West   ||  by O. Henry

Hercule Poirot’s Christmas   ||  by Agatha Christie

He Sets the Captive Free  ||  by Corrie ten Boom

Hickory Dickory Dock   ||  by Agatha Christie

High Lonesome  ||  by Louis L’Amour

Hollow, The   ||  by Agatha Christie

Honest Money   ||  by Gary North

How to Be a Better Writer   ||  by Elizabeth A. Ryan

How to Write Poetry   ||  by Paul Janeczko



I’m Nobody!  ||  by Emily Dickinson

Inheritance, The  ||  Louisa May Alcott

Innocence of Father Brown, The   ||  by G. K. Chesterton

Iron Duke, The   ||  by L. Ron Hubbard

Is Jesus Alive Today?   ||  by Lee Strobel




Jimmy Stewart and His Poems   ||  by Jimmy Stewart

Johnson Wit, The   ||  by Lyndon Johnson

John Wycliffe  ||  by Ambassadors International

Journey Through the Life of William Wilberforce, A   ||  by Kevin Belmonte



Kid Rodelo  ||  by Louis L’Amour

Knowing Christianity   ||  by J. I. Packer



Labours of Hercules, The  ||  by Agatha Christie

Laughable Limericks  ||  edited by Sara & John E. Brewton

Leadership Principles for Graduates  ||  John C. Maxwell

Little Treasury of Love Poems, A  ||  edited by Cary Wilkins

L. M. Montgomery   ||  by Jan Urquhart

Long Ride Home   ||  by Louis L’Amour

Lord Edgware Dies   ||  by Agatha Christie

Lord of the Flies  ||  by William Golding

Lost Horizon  ||  by James Hilton




Maigret and the Apparition   ||  by Georges Simenon

Maigret and the Flemish Shop  ||  by Georges Simenon

Maigret and the Loner  ||  by Georges Simenon

Maigret Bides His Time  ||  by Georges Simenon

Man Called Noon, The  ||  by Louis L’Amour

Man in the Brown Suit, The  ||  by Agatha Christie

Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men  ||  by Stephen Mansfield

Man Who Would Be King, The   ||  by Rudyard Kipling

Martin Luther  ||  by J. A. Morrison

Micah Mandate, The   ||  by George Grant

Milo Talon  ||  by Louis L’Amour

Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side, The   ||  by Agatha Christie

Moonfleet   ||  by J. Maude Falkner

Mother is Love, A   ||  by Various

Moving Finger, The   ||  by Agatha Christie

Mrs. McGinty’s Dead   ||  by Agatha Christie

Murder at the Murder at the Mimosa Inn, The   ||  by Joan Hess

Murder in Mesopotamia   ||  by Agatha Christie

Murder in the Mews   ||  by Agatha Christie

Murder Is Announced, A  ||  by Agatha Christie

Murder of Roger Ackroyd, The   ||  by Agatha Christie

Murder on the Links, The   ||  by Agatha Christie

Murder on the Orient Express   ||  by Agatha Christie

My Beloved: Classic Messages of Love  ||  by Various

My Friend Mr Campion   ||  by Margery Allingham

My Life and Hard Times  ||  by James Thurber

Mysterious Island, The  ||  by Jules Verne

Mystery of Cloomber, The   ||  by Arthur Conan Dolye

Mystery of the Blue Train, The   ||  by Agatha Christie




Nemesis   ||  by Agatha Christie

Nine Selected Plays  ||  Various

Nose for Trouble, A   ||  by Jim Kjelgaard

NOW PANIC and FREAK OUT  ||  by Various




O Worship the King   ||  by J. MacArthur & J. Erickson Tada

O Ye Jigs and Juleps  ||  by Virginia Cary Hudson

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe   ||  by Agatha Christie

Ordeal by Innocence   ||  by Agatha Christie

Orders is Orders  ||  by L. Ron Hubbard




Parker Pyne Investigates   ||  by Agatha Christie

Partisans   ||  by Alistair MacLean

Passenger to Frankfurt   ||  by Agatha Christie

Pearl, The   ||  by John Steinbeck

Phantom Patrol, The   ||  by L. Ron Hubbard

Player on the Other Side, The   ||  by Ellery Queen

Poetry of the Scottish Borders   ||  by Various

Poet’s Poetic Expressions, A  ||  by Joseph Seymour Jones

Poirot Investigates   ||  by Agatha Christie

Postern of Fate  ||  by Agatha Christie

Power of Error, The  ||  by Jay Adams

Prayers and Praises in the Celtic Tradition   ||  by Various

Prayers of Susanna Wesley, The   ||  by Susanna Wesley

Psychology: The Trojan Horse  ||  by Gil Rugh



Quiet Little Woman, The  ||  by Louisa May Alcott



Ragged Dick   ||  by Horatio Alger, Jr.

Random House Treasury of Poems, The  ||  by Various

Reflections of God’s Glory   ||  by Corrie ten Boom

Reforming Marriage   ||  by Douglas Wilson

Rider of Lost Creek, The   ||  by Louis L’Amour

Rifle, The  ||  by Gary Paulsen

Running with Giants  ||  by John C. Maxwell




Sackett Brand, The   ||  by Louis L’Amour

Secret of Chimneys, The   ||  by Agatha Christie

Selected Poems of Emily Dickinson   ||  by Emily Dickinson

Set Free   ||  by Richard Ford

Shakespeare Stealer, The  ||  by Gary Blackwood

Shane   ||  by Jack Schaeffer

Showdown at Yellow Butte  ||  by Louis L’Amour

Six Against the Yard   ||  by D. Sayers, R. Thorndyke

Skeptics Who Demanded a Verdict   ||  by Josh McDowell

Slickers, The  ||  by L. Ron Hubbard

Soldier’s Heart   ||  by Gary Paulsen

So Many Steps to Death  ||  Agatha Christie

Sparkling Cyanide   ||  by Agatha Christie

Stories in His Own Hand   ||  by Ronald Reagan

Stormy   ||  by Jim Kjelgaard

Story Craft   ||  by John R. Erickson

Story of Blima, The   ||  by Shirley Russak Wachtel

Strictly G. I.  ||  Cpl. Wanda M. Renn

Study in Scarlet, A   ||  by Arthur Conan Doyle

Summer of the Danes, The   ||  by Ellis Peters

Sword Song   ||  by Rosemary Sutcliff




Table Talk   ||  by Martin Luther

Taggart   ||  by Louis L’Amour

Taken at the Flood   ||  by Agatha Christie

Talisman Ring, The  ||  by Georgette Heyer

Tall Stranger, The  ||  by Louis L’Amour

Ten Tall Tales  ||  by E. J. Bird

Tenth Man, The   ||  by Graham Greene

Third Girl   ||  by Agatha Christie

Thomas B. Rickey  ||  by Susan Imswiler

Thou Spleeny Swag-Bellied Miscreant  ||  by Sarah Royal & Jillian Hofer

Three Blind Mice  ||  by Agatha Christie

To Have and to Hold   ||  by Mary Johnston

Token for Children, A   ||  by Cotton Mather & James Janeway

Tortured for Christ   ||  by Richard Wurmbrandt

To Tame a Land  ||  by Louis L’Amour

Training Children in Godliness   ||  by Jacob Abbott

Treasure Chest of Poetry, A   ||  by Various

Treasury of Great American Quotations, A   ||  by Various

Trudel’s Siege  ||  by Louisa May Alcott

True Crimes and How They Were Solved  ||  by Anita Larsen

Truth About Mormonism, The   ||  by Hugh Pyle

Turn of the Clock, A   ||  by Various



Uncommon Wisdom of Ronald Reagan, The   ||  by R. Reagan

Under Dog, The  ||  by Agatha Christie

Under the Black Ensign   ||  by L. Ron Hubbard

Unsolved!  ||  by George Sullivan



Walk to Remember, A  ||  by Nicholas Sparks

What High School Students Should Know About Evolution  ||  by Kenneth N. Taylor

When Eight Bells Toll   ||  by Alistair MacLean

Where the Long Grass Blows   ||  by Louis L’Amour

Whose Body?   ||  by Dorothy Sayers

Why One Way  ||  by John MacArthur

Why Didn’t They Ask Evans  ||  by Agatha Christie

Why Pro-Life?   ||  by Randy Alcorn

Wisdom of John and Abigail Adams, The   ||  by John & Abigail Adams

Wit and Wisdom of Jane Austen, The   ||  by Jane Austen

Women of the New Testament   ||  by Abraham Kuyper

World of Mystery Fiction, The   ||  by Various

Writing With Style   ||  by Sue Young

Writing With Style   ||  by John R. Trimble




Yondering ||  by Louis L’Amour



26 Years on the Losing Side  ||  by Conrad Jensen

4.50 from Paddington  ||  by Agatha Christie


5 Minute Mysteries   ||  by Michael Avallone

101 Inventions That Changed the World  ||  by Joshua Coltrane